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4a Giornata Internazionale di Preghiera, Amsterdam 2000

Intervento di
S. E. il Vescovo Mons. Ramon C. Argüelles
Ordinario militare nelle Filippine

L'intervento è disponibile solo in lingua inglese e tedesca

Bishop Ramon C. Argüelles, who participated already last year in the Day of Prayer, has been the military bishop in the Philippines since 1995, and is responsible for all the country’s emigrants.

“I had the honorable task to accompany the relics of St. Therese of Lisieux on her pilgrimage through our country. Wherever she went across the different islands we also solemnly displayed the image of the Lady of All Nations and spread-out her prayer card. We pray that the Lady of All Nations will move the more than seven million emigrant Filipinos in one hundred and ninety-four nations so widely dispersed around the world to be the instruments of her Son in bringing the Good News to all people.”

Excerpt from the contribution of Bishop Argüelles

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