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archives de l'action mondiale

2018, l'année de la Mère de tous les Peuples
en Croatie

P. Marko Kornelije Glogović
montrant les 200 000 images et les 50 000 neuvaines
qu'il vient de faire imprimer


From: pater.marko [at] gmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 10:21 pm
Family of Mary
the Year of the Lady of All Nations

My dearest sisters! +++

Look at this miracle from Our Lady! 200,000 prayer cards and 50,000 novenas are waiting to be spread throughout Croatia!
This year we will have the Year of the Lady of All Nations! It is her time to speak and to work God’s miracles in our hearts!

Please pray for me and for all those who will receive these prayer cards and novenas. May our beloved Mother give us all great grace in this work.

Fr. Marko



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