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The Spreading

Like a missionary who wants to save all souls, Our Lady tells us already in her first apparition about her heart’s desire, “The prayer must be spread” (March 31, 1945). For she knows the divine plan of redemption for humanity, “This prayer has been given for the redemption of the world. This prayer has been given for the conversion of the world” (Dec. 31, 1951), and therefore she asks us, “Then spread my prayer, the prayer of the Lord” (May 31, 1957).

She wants to give strength and power to all those who contribute to the spreading of the prayer, and she assures, “I shall help them” (Nov. 15, 1951). Ida is the first one charged with this task, “Do your work, and see to the outspreading” (Dec. 31, 1951). “Work for this alone, and give spiritual and bodily help by saying the prayer of the Lady of All Nations” (Feb. 17, 1952).

Verbreitung des Gebetes

Our Lady uses an image of snowflakes to teach the visionary that this prayer should be prayed everywhere. “I see the globe rotating under her feet, and snowflakes are falling thickly everywhere. Then the Lady says, ‘Did you see this? The Lady of All Nations will be brought throughout the world in the same way, from town to town, from country to country. This simple prayer will create one community’” (Feb. 17, 1952).

“I want this to be [prayed] in many languages”
(March 4, 1951) and the prayer brought also “to those countries where faith has declined” (April 15, 1951), because “The Lady of All Nations is not destined for one country, for one place, but is destined for the world, the peoples” (Oct. 11, 1951). “They all have a right to it” (April 29, 1951).

Thus the explicit desire of the Mother of All Nations is understandable, that this prayer “will have to be prayed in all churches” (Dec. 8, 1952). “This prayer shall be spread in churches and by modern means” (Dec. 31, 1951). Yes, the Christians “shall pray my prayer against degeneration, disaster and war, and bring it among all nations” (Oct. 11, 1953). Not least of all, the Lady of All Nations expects that those who spread the prayer do it rapidly, very seriously, and with great zeal, because after all they work “for this cause, which the Son wants to be realized” (April 29, 1951).

Source: Fr. Paul Maria Sigl,
Die Frau aller Völker 'Miterlöserin Mittlerin Fürsprecherin'
Amsterdam – Rome, March 25, 1998

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