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The Power of the Prayer

Die Macht des Gebetes
“You will go through a great deal yet, in this century” (May 31, 1955), Mary says. She promises, though, that if we pray her prayer, “degeneration, disaster and war may be staved off” (Oct. 11, 1953) and spiritual confusion may be conquered.
She has been sent directly in our time as the Lady of All Nations so that “through this prayer, she may deliver the world from a great world catastrophe” (May 10, 1953).

What great power this prayer has! Our Lady clearly describes the spiritual condition of our time, “Satan is still the prince of this world. He holds on to everything he can. … The Lady had to bring her prayer now over this satanic world. For the Holy Spirit is still to come over the peoples” (April 4, 1954).
As the Lady of All Nations she is now sent “in order to expel Satan. … You, however, shall pray my prayer which I gave to the world” (May 31, 1955).

This prayer is therefore a decisive weapon in the fight against Satan. Since you concretely pray that the Holy Spirit come now at this moment, Satan consequently must vanish here and now. We are not praying “vanish Satan!” like an exorcism or Pope Leo XIII’s prayer to St. Michael the Archangel: “…through the divine power of God, cast into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits…”
Much more, the prayer of Amsterdam incites us to pray with all our heart, “Come Holy Spirit!” For our mother knows that where the Holy Spirit, who is Love, can be found, there is no place for demons, and she who “…stands as Advocate now in this anxious time” (cf. Dec. 31, 1951), “…will be allowed to bring peace to the world” (Oct. 11, 1953).

Source: Fr. Paul Maria Sigl,
Die Frau aller Völker 'Miterlöserin Mittlerin Fürsprecherin'
Amsterdam – Rome, March 25, 1998

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