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Would you like to be a Guardian
of the pilgrim image of the Lady of All Nations?

As a Guardian you accept the responsibility to organize the framing and passing of a poster-sized pilgrim image of the Lady of All Nations weekly from one family or group to another.

In this way, Our Lady comes to be known and loved by so many who would otherwise never have a deeper relationship to her. As such, it is probably one of the easiest forms of apostolic work and one that can be done by anyone. You can pass her to your friends, family, co-workers, parish members, monasteries, schools, nursing homes, churches, etc.

The Guardian is simply asked to see to it that the image is passed each week to a different host in as much as is possible. The host should prepare a place for Our Lady where she can be venerated and are encouraged to invite others to join them in praying the prayer to the Lady of All Nations or even saying a novena to her. Then, at the end of their time having the image of Our Lady, it should be solemnly transferred with prayer and song to the next host.

The guardian is only asked to do this for one year after which they are welcome to keep the pilgrim image in their own home or to continue to have Our Lady travel to different families. Some might feel concern that they might not find enough people to be willing to join them in this, but Our Lady herself answers saying, “You are afraid? But I am helping you! You will find that the spreading will happen as if by itself” (April 15, 1951). “Mary is taking full responsibility for this” (April 4, 1954).

We invite you to become a guardian of the pilgrim image of the Lady of All Nations and help us in this important mission. For those interested, a kit will be sent to you with the image and some other helpful informational items.

For more information in the North America, please contact us the Action Center for the USA listed below. For all other locations, please contact us at the address listed below for the Chapel of the Lady of All Nations in the Netherlands:

Lady of All Nations Action Center
P.O. Box 31481
St. Louis, MO 63131
usa [at]

Chapel of the Lady of All Nations
Diepenbrockstraat 3
NL-1077 VX Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20-662 05 04
Fax +31 (0)20-471 13 33
info [at]