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His Excellency John B. Thakur, a Jesuit bishop from India, gave a wonderful testimony about the title ‘Lady of All Nations’ during the Third International Day of Prayer in honor of the Lady of All Nations in 1999. The following are a few excerpts.

... The Church is known for her contribution of good education in our country. People flock to our institutions for admission. The Christian population in our country is about 2.5 percent. Hence 92 to 98 percent of the students attending most of our schools are Hindus, Muslims, Parsees, etc. The children in our institutions respect our religion. They feel free to go and say prayers in the chapel, if there is one in our school facility; and, naturally, they go to the statue of Our Lady, which is always in a prominent place.

A moving example from one of our students: A group of young Hindu girls was kneeling and praying respectfully at the statue of Our Lady in one of our schools. After prayer, they looked with surprise at what was inscribed at the pedestal of the statue. It was written, “Mary, Mother of Christians, pray for us.” They did not understand why it was written that way. They went to the principal and inquired why is it inscribed, “Mary, Mother of Christians, pray for us”? They said, “Mary is Mother not only to the Christians, but Mother of us all. We love her, respect her and pray to her.”

So there you are. “Mother of All Nations”, declared the mouths of innocent children!