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Papst Pius XII

“Pastor Angelicus
—the angelic pastor”—
Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli

Probably the strongest proof of the authenticity of the Amsterdam messages is the prediction of the day on which Pope Pius XII would be called to eternity. God alone, as the “Lord over life and death” can know such a day. Do not such proofs of authenticity—even reaching into the life of a holy pope—clearly enough confirm the universal importance of the messages for the Church and the world?

On the night of February 18, 1958 (Ash Wednesday), Ida receives that message which, more than any other, will be the proof of authenticity for Amsterdam. Let us have Ida herself describe what she experienced that night.

“Last night I again woke up with a start, because, at exactly three o’clock, I heard someone call me. I saw the light again and heard the voice of the Lady saying,
‘Here I am again. The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. … I shall make an announcement that you may not tell anyone about, including the Sacrista and your spiritual director. When it has happened, you may tell them that the Lady told it to you at this time.
The announcement is: Listen. This Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, will be taken up among Us at the beginning of October of this year. The Lady of All Nations, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, will lead him to eternal joy.’
I was shocked at this announcement and hardly dared to believe it. The Lady said, ‘Do not be frightened, child. His successor will proclaim the dogma.’ I thanked the Lady and she said very solemnly, ‘Amen.’” (February 19, 1958).

The following morning, Ash Wednesday, the visionary calls her spiritual director and tells him that the Lady has given her a message, but that she may tell no one about it. Fr. Frehe, however, has the good sense to have Ida write down everything: “No! You have to promise me to write down everything immediately, and to bring it straight to me today. Otherwise it is worthless. Think about it. I don’t care whether you seal the letter; it’s only important that I receive it today, and preferably as soon as possible.”

Ida obeys. She types the Lady’s words, keeps a copy with her at home, and even on the same day takes the sealed original to her spiritual director. He takes the closed envelope and puts it in his desk drawer, where it is soon forgotten. Difficult months now lie before the visionary—months of waiting in silence and trust for the realization of Mary’s prophecies.

Looking back on this sorrowful time, Ida writes in a letter to her bishop, Msgr. Huibers, on November 24, 1958, “I sat there, then, still with the thought that the Lady told me that I have to say this and that to the Holy Father. It was worst of all in the days when the Holy Father lay dying. Acquaintances called me and often said, trying to console me, ‘But the Holy Father will not die. It’s not at all possible,’ etc. Once again, Your Excellency, that was the most difficult time ...

On the morning of October 9, while sitting before the radio, I then heard that the Holy Father had died. After that I said, ‘Thanks be to God.’ I know, of course, that this was not nice of me, but he will forgive me, for he knows that I was saying it to the Lady, for not abandoning us, and for not discrediting her concerns ...”
Ida immediately hurries to her spiritual director and asks him for the sealed envelope. Because Fr. Frehe can no longer remember it, she even has to show him where he was keeping it. Then Ida gives him the copy of the message which, at his wish, she had written down on Ash Wednesday. Great is Fr. Frehe’s surprise, and he immediately sends the sealed original to Rome. There it will be a trustworthy proof of the authenticity of the messages for those in responsibility.

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