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When Ida sees a vision in 1946 of the landing on the moon and experiences the feeling of zero gravity, she had no idea what she would be watching on television in complete awe twenty-three years later —the first landing on the moon (July 20, 1969).

In 1967 she recounts,
“Later, it was again as if I were standing with the Lady on the globe. I cannot express it in another way. Then she referred to something and I saw the moon very clearly before me. Then something approached and landed on the moon. That is why I said, ‘Something is landing on the moon.’ I did not know how to explain it otherwise. I was standing over the globe, but actually I was not standing either; it was more like I was floating in the air. Naturally, that was very rare for me. These kinds of things are also very difficult for me to explain: A type of natural phenomenon. However it was a type of airspace that I saw; it must have been something like that.
Still later she wrote, “Was not the landing on the moon tremendous? Exactly as the Lady showed it to me on February 7, 1946. It is too bad that I did not know back then what it was and what it meant. Therefore I only described it in the words that the Lady let me say, ‘Something is landing on the moon.’ Back then I saw something coming down very quickly, a practically cubic, white thing landing on the moon. It was an amazing moment.”

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