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Diocesan city missions in Nitra, Slovakia,
for the Year of Faith

March 2013

In the four largest malls
and in all elementary, middle and high schools.

It is unique in the history of the worldwide action of the prayer card of the Mother of All Nations, that it could be part of a city mission and distributed under the patronage and blessing of the bishop.

It all began in March 2012 with two enthusiastic students, Terezia and Petra, who had heard a talk by Fr. Paul M. Sigl about the worldwide action of the Mother of All Nations.

In their first “action” they began with 200 prayer cards. They so enjoyed bringing Mary to people as their mother that afterwards, they wanted to do a “proper” street mission. So they asked the sisters of the Family of Mary for help and motivated students from different universities to participate. They also invited students from the Catholic high school Cyril and Method. Through the street mission last autumn, 2000 prayer cards were given out to many different people.

Less than two weeks later, in early November 2012, the Diocese of Nitra began preparations for a city mission for the Year of Faith. Students were also invited to participate. When the priest in charge was asked how the young people should go about spreading the faith, he replied: “They’ve had the best experience with the prayer card of the Lady of All Nations.”

During the  Day of Prayer in honor of the Lady of All Nations on February 9, 2013, attended by the Bishop of Nitra, His Excellency, William Judak, and over 3,000 pilgrims from all parts of Slovakia, the young people’s trust was strengthened by the words of Our Lady in Amsterdam: “You will find that the spreading will happen as if by itself.”

And that is what happened. From March 4-8, 2013 the residents of Nitra were certainly surprised when, in the streets, shopping centers, bus stops, railway stations, universities and hospitals they saw young people kindly offering them the prayer card of the Lady of All Nations.

For the second week of the mission, from March 11-15, 2013, the diocese asked the mayor’s permission, for the students of the Catholic high school Cyril and Method and the sisters of the Family of Mary to explain and give the prayer card to all the students and teachers in every elementary school, middle school and high school in the city.

As snowflakes whirl around the globe and fall in a thick layer on the ground, so too in the two weeks of the city mission 24,000 prayer cards were given out all over Nitra. Who would have ever thought that this could be possible! But that’s just it: everything starts small, often with a single prayer card!

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