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Contribution from
the Shrine of the Lady of All Nations
Three sisters tell of their experiences there - 2004

Goede morgen beste pelgrims, Guten Morgen liebe Pilger, good morning,
buon giorno, bonjour, buenos dias, Dobry dien, straastwujtje

Much to our great joy, we have been allowed to take care of the chapel of the Lady of All Nations for the last eight years. We would like to share a few of our experiences with you now.

A day in the Shrine

The Lady of All Nations shows us again and again in a very vivid way that she is truly the mother of all nations. A special day for us here, for example, was just recently, on April 27. Aside from the regular visitors who come from in and around Amsterdam to the chapel, on that day pilgrims came one after the next from the most diverse parts of the world. A girl form Ireland who was discerning her vocation, a Cistercian abbot from Switzerland who wanted to spread the prayer of the Lady of All Nations, a woman from Hong Kong who stocked up with a good supply of material in Chinese, and an African lawyer from Cameroon. Fernandez, a Brazilian pilot, was also very interested. Among other things, he took an original size image of the Lady of All Nations for a community in Brazil that has chosen the Lady of All Nations as their patron saint. Then there came also a Turkish doctor working in Amsterdam, who told us that she would like to be baptized. Last but not least, two young American priests celebrated Mass in the chapel. They were so interested in the Lady of All Nations that they are thinking about organizing a day of prayer in Florida. Yes, this is what a day can look like for us here. Of course there are also quieter moments, but we are always amazed who Our Lady sends our way.
It is a great enrichment for us to be able to meet people from the most diverse cultures. Even though we sisters together can speak eight languages, often it is still not enough. With Koreans or Hungarians we can often only communicate with a smile.
Allow us to tell you a few examples:

I will give consolation

The Lady of All Nations promised in the messages to give consolation to everyone. A man who comes to the chapel every day to pray the rosary was able to experience this is in a very special way. His wife died four years ago. In his sorrow, he found peace nowhere. At that time he was far from the Church. For more than 40 years he hadn’t practiced the faith.
In his inner distress he came to the chapel of the Lady of All Nations and found peace and was reconciled with God.

I may be a mother for you

For the past few months, there has almost always been a vase with a single rose in front of the image of the image in the chapel. A forty-something protestant woman who experienced no motherly love as a child, regularly brings a fresh rose for Our Lady because it was there before the image of Our Lady that she recognized that Mary is her very own personal mother who loves and understands her.

The prayer of the Lady of All Nations heals inner wounds

Octave, a young refugee from Rwanda got to know the prayer of the Lady of All Nations a year ago. He said, “I carried such deep wounds within me from the war in Rwanda that forgiveness was absolutely unthinkable. I had already seen the image of the Lady of All Nations once at home, but it was only here in the Netherlands that I came to know the messages. By praying the prayer of the Lady of All Nations, I feel how my inner wounds are healing, how peace is flowing into my heart and how I am becoming capable of forgiving.”
Fr. Joseph Mary Kasasa also wrote to us from Rwanda saying, “We have so many orphans and widows, so many Aids patients and homeless, so many sick and poor. All are waiting for the consolation of the Lady of All Nations.”

Receiving help through the Lady of All Nations

Bert and Maria, a Dutch couple, were able to experience the help of the ‘Lady’ in an especially beautiful manner. They were married eleven years ago.
Through all of these years, their greatest wish was to have children. It appeared, however, that this wish would remain unfulfilled because the mother-to-be repeatedly lost her child prematurely. Even in those painful times Bert and Maria did not stop trusting in the Lady of All Nations. And their trusting prayer was truly heard!
At the age of 43, Maria gave birth to a healthy child. To our great joy, the baptism took place in the chapel on January 18 of this year. Sínticha Conchita Maria Dolores is an especially beautiful, adorable and happy child and we always enjoy the chance to hold her for a while.

The spreading of the prayer

Unfortunately, or better said luckily, we do not have enough time to tell you about all those people who do their utmost to spread the prayer. I am thinking for example of Lydia, a Dutch qualified non-medical practitioner. For years she has being doing so much for the spreading of the prayer but especially so in the past few months. Sometimes she goes to a hospital, introduces herself to the station chief and says that she is a Roman Catholic and would like to give a short prayer for peace to the sick who would like it. When she receives permission, she goes from room to room, says a few friendly words to the sick and asks if she may give them a prayer card. In this way she was able to spread 150 prayer cards and to the joy of many.

“Mission in the city is more difficult” Lydia said. Yet in the middle of the pedestrian zone she gets to talking with many and through her open-minded manner she can give the prayer card to quite a few people. Of course there are also many who don’t want to have anything to do with it. But there are also others who are very grateful and nice conversations arise. Just imagine, in the past months she was able to personally give the prayer cards to thousands. She told us, “I am so grateful to be able to do something for Our Lady because I understand more and more deeply how much Mary did for us through her coredemptive suffering.”

The chapel is small but the Lady of All Nations goes out into the world

Many pilgrims who visit the chapel of the Lady of All Nations for the first time are amazed that the chapel is so small.
They are right! Yet the Lady of All Nations goes out to the whole world by herself because she said in her messages, that the image shall go, from country to country, from town to town and that later there will be no nation without the Lady of All Nations.
An essential part of our work consists in no small way in international correspondence. Inquires and orders come from all around the world. Letters from the most diverse different countries arrive here
France, Spain, Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic and Lituania
Kenya, Ghana, Togo, Columbia, Guatemala and Mexico
Australia, Vietnam, Korea, India, Japan and the Philippines

New Zealand

Something interesting from New Zealand: for the second time friends of the Lady of All Nations in Wellington, New Zealand, will be united with us in prayer today. As they did last year, Tineke Timmermans and Gwen Mc Bride sent us an exact description of how the pilgrimage of the Lady of All Nations has gone all across New Zealand.
The way in which Tineke and Gwen began this mission is one I think is very original and worth imitating. Both of them made small information packets with the English video ‘The Crowning of the Marian Era’, a poster sized copy of the Image, and prayer cards. They then passed these packets out to those who were interested at a Marian gathering so that the veneration of the Lady of All Nations would be spread in different areas. More and more people felt called to help out with the spreading.

The Lady of All Nations has found especially open hearts in India for some years now. The Prayer has already been translated there into more that ten local languages and hundreds of thousands has been distributed. This is also thanks to the efforts of Pieter and Chiel. These two professional translators from the Netherlands spend a few months each year in India and visit the bishops in the various dioceses of the country to win them for the Lady of All Nations.

Churches in honor of the Lady of All Nations

The image of the Lady of All Nations is to be found in many churches throughout the world. Fanny Diaz from Columbia wrote to us a short while ago saying that alone in her home town, Medellin, the image is honored in seven churches.

Much to our joy, more and more churches are being built in honor of the Lady of All Nations. In this photo we see a church that is being built in Nigeria. Bishop Oga Orgah of the diocese Otukpo came to the 3rd Day of Prayer in spite of serious illness. Deeply convinced of the importance of these messages, he returned to Nigeria and in a pastoral letter called for the spreading of her Image and Prayer. His former vicar general and now successor, Bishop Apochi, made this intention very much his own. It is a pleasure for us then to have him here in our midst for the first time.

In this photo from Indonesia we see the laying of the cornerstone for a church in honor of the Lady of All Nations by Bishop Angkur. He, like the African bishop Oga Orgah, also took part in the 3rd International Day of Prayer in Amsterdam.
This church in his diocese, Bogor, is, as you see, still being built. And this is how it should one day look.


We could tell you a lot about Vietnam, about the Vietnamese love and self-sacrificing work for the Lady of All Nations. Yet out of consideration for the difficult political situation there, we cannot speak in detail about it. As you know, religious activities in that Communistic country are not very welcome. Our admiration is therefore so much the greater for those faithful who risk for their heavenly mother.

Two Priests in the USA

From the many nice stories from the United States we would like to tell you just one about two priests:

The Lady of All Nations belongs fundamentally to the pastoral renewal program of Fr. Raymond Jackson’s parish in Texas. Every week a different family takes the pilgrim image home with them along with an informational video. “It never yet happened”, said Fr. Jackson, “that the Mother was not accepted.” The pilgrim image comes back with a bouquet of flowers to the parish every Saturday where the next family is already waiting for her.
In this same way, Fr. Jackson brings the Lady of All Nations to the missionary churches along the Mexican border and has had great success among the Spanish speaking population.

Fr. John Hedges from Michigan visited the chapel of the Lady of All Nations a few years ago. He saw the Image of Our Lady there for the first time and it can be said that it was love at first sight. Since then he tries to do what he can for the worldwide action in various ways. He prays the prayer of the Lady of All Nations, for example, with the faithful at every Mass as thanksgiving after Holy Communion.

Prayer cards to Albania

Elly Kool, a Dutch woman, was on vacation in the Austrian mountains. She found there a prayer card of the Lady of All Nations in a small chapel. When she saw from the address that this image came from Amsterdam, her home town, she became curious. On returning home she visited the chapel. Since Mrs. Kool organizes humanitarian aide shipments to Albania, she brought thousands of prayer cards and images of the Lady of All Nations to Albania. There they were gladly accepted and spread since the parish priest there, Fr. Piet Wanrooy, a Dutch Priest with the Missionaries of Charity, already knew the Lady of All Nations.

Days of Prayer of the Lady of All Nations

During the past International Day of Prayer, a day of prayer took place simultaneously in Congo. A little Church with the Image of Amsterdam was consecrated in 1993 in Bokonzi in the diocese of Budjala. So it was that more than 2,000 believers came together on June 8 of last year. After the Mass, procession and Eucharistic Adoration there was a proper African banquet with two pigs, fish, a small crocodile and other specialties.

Recently, on May 13, Fr. Josafat, a Greek Catholic Basilian priest, organized a Day of Prayer in the Ukrainian city, Lemberg. He was here last year at the Day of Prayer with his bishop Bilyk and today we have the privilege of welcoming both of them again. 1,000 participants were expected in the Ukraine, in the end 3,000 came!

We received an email from Thailand informing us that there will be a Day of Prayer on June 5th in Bankok. The organizers ask all of us for prayers.
Two weeks ago there was a national day of prayer at a Franciscan monastery in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. The day before yesterday. We received some photos from it two days ago.

Dear friends, to finish up, a small request: If the Mother of All Nations has helped and granted grace to you, rewarded your trust or heard your prayers, then we would be glad if you would let us in the shrine in Amsterdam know about these small or great miracles. As they say, a joy shared is a joy doubled!
Thank you.

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