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Three sisters from
the Chapel of the Lady of All Nations - 2005

“News about the Lady of All Nations
from Amsterdam and around the World”

Dear friends from far and wide, we would like to take a small journey around the world with you and visit some countries and places so that you may have a share in the worldwide Action of the Lady of All Nations. …

The Philippines – the power of prayer
As you know, in the Philippines, devotion to the Lady of All Nations is especially widespread. Their current president, Gloria Arroyo, placed this country, with its more than 7,000 islands, expressly under the protection and patronage of the Lady of All Nations at her swearing in on June 30, 2004. The Filipinos really felt this protection this past December. I would like to read to you an excerpt of a0n e-mail written to us by a couple from Manila:
“Our country has suffered very much from several strong storms which came one after the other the last week of November. At the start of December, right after the disastrous storms, another one, a still much bigger and stronger one threatened to again hit the whole country. When this news came out, the appeal for prayer went flying over the country through text messages, and everybody really just prayed. The prayer of the Lady of All Nations was aired quite often over national TV while we prayed and braced ourselves for the disaster—which never came.
Even CNN reported that it was a very unusual thing that happened—the great strong typhoon was headed straight for the Philippines, but quite strangely, it veered, changed direction, and went away!!!”

The second country that we would like to visit in Asia is Cambodia. At the beginning of January 2005, Pieter van der Veen and Chiel van Soelen, both from Amsterdam, put there abilities as career translators at the complete disposition of the Lady of All Nations and traveled to Cambodia. It was clear from the beginning of their stay there the Lady of All Nations desired to be honored also in that sorely tried country because they were able to effortlessly make contacts there. As such, the prayer was soon translated into Khmer, the Bishop from Phnom Penh gave the imprimatur, and shortly thereafter 30,000 prayer cards and 3,000 posters were printed. A Filipino Salesian priest who already knew the Lady of All Nations worked at the printers. He was very pleased with the order and promised to have them spread in all 3 Cambodian dioceses. Devotion to the Lady of All Nations is, by the way, the very first Marian devotion ever in Cambodia.

Let us now make a short stop in Israel.
In the summer of 2004, the Franciscan Brother Leo sat before the ‘Dominus Flevit’ chapel in Jerusalem. A young Jewish man approached him and said, “Brother, I had a dream in which a lady said to me, ‘Become a Christian because Christ loves you!’ When I awoke, I felt a deep peace in my heart, all restlessness had disappeared. Brother, you are the first person I have told this to and I am still completely taken by it. I have such peace now.” Brother Leo and the young man had a long talk during which the Franciscan said, “You are now in peace, but may I give you a prayer for peace?” Brother Leo told him about the Lady of All Nations and took the prayer card out of his pocket. The Israelite was deeply moved and, pointing to the Lady of All Nations, said, “This is the lady who told me to become a Christian because Christ loves me. She is the one, she is wearing the same dress!”

Let us make our next detour in the Ukraine.
Last year it was possible to have two days of prayer in honor of the Lady of All Nations in L’viv, Ukraine. Thousands of Ukrainians, most of whom were Greek-Catholic, took part. They received the prayer card with great reverence. Nearly everyone who received it kissed it immediately.
The Ukrainian presidential elections last November set the whole world in an uproar. The election results from November 21, 2004, were rigged.
The Ukrainians knew that if they did not take a stand against the lies and injustice then, then they would lose their freedom.
In downtown Kiev, more than one million Ukrainians who wanted to fight for freedom gathered without violence. Neither cold nor snow could keep them away. Many prayed. People prayed even on the stage at the Place of Independence. One time it was the Orthodox, then Catholics, then Protestants or Jews.
Olga Witruk decided together with her husband and two children to hand out prayer cards during the revolution. In the pictures, we see how happily people received the prayer cards because in such a dangerous situation everyone knew how much they needed the protection and the help of Our Lady. Even the current President, Victor Juschenko, received a prayer card.
This stamp was issued in commemoration of the peaceful revolution. Politicians and even the President have said that it was only possible with the help of god that all of this could occur without bloodshed. Have you found the picture of the Lady of All Nations on the stamp yet?

And so let us now make a detour to Africa. To that end, we have brought someone with us who knows the area firsthand. Sr. Jacinta Dähler is a Baldegg Sister from Switzerland. She has worked in Tanzania for more than 30 years. In the last 7 years she has been working with fiery zeal for the Lady of All Nations. Let us hear from her.

Testimony of Sr. Jacinta Dähler:

I received a prayer card of the Lady of All Nations in 1997 while on a pilgrimage. When I returned to Tanzania, I began to deepen my knowledge of the messages of Amsterdam and through that I better understood their importance. The bishop of Mahenge ultimately gave me the task of caring for the spreading the veneration of the Lady of All Nations in Tanzania. In the year 2000, even the bishop’s conference encouraged me in this. With the help of priests, sisters, and lay, I was able in the past years to spread out over 70,000 prayer cards in Kiswahili. We were also able to print various brochures and booklets locally. Because I worked in a center for spirituality in Dar es Salaam for some years, I had the possibility to hold conferences about the Lady of All Nations for priests, religious, and catechists from Tanzania as well as being able to tell retreat participants about her. In 2002, I was even able to inform 110 bishops from all of eastern Africa about the Lady of All Nations.
In her messages, the Blessed Mother asks us to strive with a fiery zeal for the Worldwide Action and promises, “I will help you.” And I can truly testify that Mary has helped!

From Africa, let us now travel to South America.
Prayer cards of the Lady of All Nations have been distributed in Brazil for more than 50 years already! Arnaldo Camago Fo from Sao Paolo wrote us that there are so many requests for prayer cards that even though he had just printed 50,000 in December, he had to print another 100,000 in April. Half of these have already been distributed now too. After the approval of the Amsterdam apparitions in May 2002, the Brazilian bishop, Bruno Gamberini, expressed the desire to have a church dedicated to the Mother of All Nations in his diocese as quickly as possible.
They began construction in September 2003 in Atibaia, about 35 miles from Sao Paolo and on May 31, 2004, Bishop Bruno Gamberini blessed and placed a memorial stone.
Due to financial reasons, the construction progressed slowly. Contributions from Europe help quite a bit, but also the local populous bore their share. Therefore, for example, the “Anjos de Resgate” – the Angels of Liberation” – held a benefit concert for the second time on May 27, 2005, for the sake of the new church.

The Mother of All Nations is also loved by ever more people in Columbia. Here we see a procession from Bogotá to Tibawy with a statue of the Lady of All Nations. People of all ages took part in it: grandparents just as much as little children, and also a few teachers with their students.
Yes, the veneration of the Lady of All Nations continues to spread ever more in South America. In Peru, for example, one million prayer cards will be printed in these days.

Let us now slowly but surely return to the Netherlands, because there is also some things to tell about here. First of all, let us go to the inner city to the so-called “city-mission”.

The following is a transcription from a film clip about the ‘city-mission’
- Do you want a prayer card of Mother Mary? What language do you speak?
- Hebrew
- Do you want it in Hebrew?
- Do you have it in Hebrew?
- I’ll go look for you.
- Ah, here’s Hebrew.
- Yeah, OK.  But I have English too, thanks
- God bless you

... It’s that time again. Once a month a group of us who come regularly to the Chapel of the Lady of All Nations meet. We then go to downtown Amsterdam to fulfill the wish of Our Lady and spread out the prayer card among all her children. We take them with us in various languages because we meet people here from all over the world: Japanese, Spanish, Italians, and English.
It is heartwarming to see how the people are happy with the picture and above all when we tell them that Mary is the mother of all people, all nations, and that her prayer is a prayer for world peace.

Simone Faber
- An encouragement to take part in the ‘city-mission’

Dear listeners and faithful children of Our Lady,

Together with those who are here, I would like to encourage and urge you not to be afraid to cast your nets out to the other side. With this we mean that you should not be afraid to spread the gospel of the Lord in a way that you have never done before by, for example, going out in the streets. Even though there are always people who reject it, there are still many who are thirsting to hear the Good News of God. The spreading out of the prayer card is a fantastic way to carry out the wishes of the Lady of All Nations and offers possibilities for every type of personality. Mary is only asking that we give it to people. But it is also so beautiful when people ask about the hope that lives within you; then we can give witness. What a grace!
Do not be afraid! Do not listen to the voice that says, “Just live like everybody else; you are already crazy enough!” Or that you just want to be seen as a saint or want to force the faith upon people. Do not listen to these voices, because they are from the adversary!
God will teach you what is normal and what not and that we are people among people. He will teach us to be humble and that all are free to accept it or reject it.
Even though you see us here with twenty people, there are many more who take part in that they pray for those who we meet on the streets. Every action is borne in prayer.
We begin with the Holy Mass. While we are outside, others pray. We then finish again with prayer in the chapel. It is really an action of the whole community, and not just us.
Thank you very much.

Let us now hear the testimony of a young man who actually only accepted the prayer card to be polite. It was not given to him during the street mission, but rather at a youth meeting.

Testimony of Sander
“Since I pray the rosary, my faith is less superficial”

Dear listeners,
For the past few months I have been regularly going to the Chapel of the Lady of All Nations and I would like to tell you why.
Until a year ago, I was very reserved in regard to Mary. I thought to myself, “Why should you go to Mary when you have Jesus?” I did not see any need.
When I prayed, then it was only to Jesus. I have to honestly admit, however, that I did not often get around to praying in the past years because I could almost never find the quiet to truly come into prayer.
Last year, in October 2004, a change took place during a weekend retreat. I met a young woman there who said that she had a special relationship to Mary. I did not say what I thought. At the end of the conversation, she gave me a prayer card on which a woman was portrayed standing on a globe. Again I said nothing, but I accepted it politely.
When I came home, I took the prayer card out of my pocket and realized that I stood before a decision. Either I throw it in the trash bin, file it away somewhere, or I give it a try and see what happens. To my great surprise, I decided for the last option.
A few minutes later, I began for the first time to pray the rosary without prejudice – with the prayer of the Lady of All Nations at the end of the mystery. I began full of enthusiasm, but already after the first mystery, I thought, “Sander, what have you started now?” I had only prayed ten ‘Hail Mary’s’ and I was already sick of praying. Nevertheless, I persistently continued to pray and miracle of all miracles, I felt that the contact with Mary became ever more affectionate. All of the discontent and all the tiredness slowly receded away. In the end, I felt a deep peace in my heart and I cannot express how often I have thanked Mary for that.
Since that time that I pray the rosary regularly, I have discovered that the rosary is also the ideal prayer for me to pray for other people and also for myself. Through this, my faith became ever less superficial.
That is the reason why I now go regularly to the Chapel of the Lady of All Nations.

Dear pilgrims, at the end of our little trip around the world, I would like to encourage you to brig all of your intentions to the Lady of All Nations: your personal intentions, but also those of the whole world.
Last your, for example, a high school teacher from Sonthofen, Germany came to the day of prayer. He was asked while at the day of prayer to pray in a special way for a man who since his youth had serious psychological difficulties. Immediately following the day of prayer a distinct improvement took place and his doctor who has been treating him for the last ten years expressed it this way, “Thomas is only now beginning to live. He has changed 200%.”

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