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Testimonies from the Worldwide Action
of the Lady of All Nations - 2009

Healing of Georg Mitterer

We would like to begin with a story about the healing power of the Mother of All Nations and how she gave someone another ten years of life.

Last year, Mr. Georg Mitterer from Warth, a small village near Munich, Germany, sent us a letter at the shrine in Amsterdam. He thanked the Lady of All Nations for his healing which occurred ten years ago. He would certainly have been happy to give this testimony himself today, but the Lord called him to his eternal home last autumn.

gt09_zeugnisse_mittererMr. Mitterer was born with hemophilia. In March of 1998, at the age of 74, he had an operation on his bladder, but since they were unable to halt the bleeding afterward, he received 35 transfusions in the following weeks. The bleeding finally stopped, but his doctor informed him, “Due to the excessive number of plasma transfusions, your body is no longer able to purify the blood.” It was unthinkable to discharge him from the hospital because Mr. Mitterer could only be kept alive through coagulant injections.

On June 24, 1998, after three months in the hospital, he was taking a walk and passed by the main entrance. The taxi drivers always wait there for passengers and Mr. Mitterer wanted to converse with them a bit. He wrote last year in his testimony:
“I had yet to find someone to speak with when suddenly a pretty woman, who I did not know, came up to me. She said, ‘Good evening’. I responded the same. I was dressed as a visitor and not as a patient, yet the woman said to me, ‘You are a patient here and you are not doing well.’ I answered, ‘It’s true.’ The woman reached into her purse and pulled out a piece of paper. I said to her, ‘Oh, you’re a biblical scholar.’ The woman was very friendly and answered me, ‘No, I am not a biblical scholar, but please take this picture. It will help you.’ Then she said, ‘I wish you the best,’ and she hurried off to the subway.”

At that point, Georg Mitterer returned to his room, where he took a closer look at the picture that he had received. It turns out that it was a prayer card of the Lady of All Nations. He wrote in his testimony:
“It was a very beautiful picture of Mary. Naturally I read it carefully and then put it in my briefcase where it is to this day!”
His health improved so rapidly that a doctor gave him the incredible news the following evening: “Mr. Mitterer, you are not going to believe this, but you are healthy!” In the letter to us, Mr. Mitterer wrote, “The good news came after four months of negative diagnosis. I began to cry out of relief.”
In fact, a few days later he was able to go home. Almost all of the doctors of the ward came to personally say goodbye. In answer to his question, “How do you explain my sudden healing?” the doctor responded, “Mr. Mitterer, we don’t know. We don’t have a clue! Stay healthy.”

Indeed, the following ten years Mr. Mitterer enjoyed good health which he always attributed to the Lady of All Nations. He was doing so well, that at the age of eighty he was still helping daily in his daughters company! He and his wife also had the privilege of celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary together.
Mr. Mitterer’s granddaughter, Sabine Süss, confirmed when she called three weeks ago, that her grandfather carried the prayer card in his briefcase until his death. Sabine would have gladly come to the Day of Prayer to honor the Mother of All Nations, but she has a good excuse—she got married yesterday!

Various examples of the divulgation

Everyone has his own way to take part in the spreading of the prayer of the Lady of All Nations. The important thing is certainly that we have the prayer cards within reach, so that when we feel that we should give one, we actually can do so.

No one refuses

While we were visiting a friend in a hospital in Alkmaar, in northern Holland, we saw a postcard of the Lady of All Nations on his nightstand. He happily told us that nurses and visitors alike ask him about the picture of Our Lady. This gives him the opportunity to offer each one of them the prayer card. No one refuses.

The prayer card for the parish feasts

In 2001, Chona Montinola from the Philippines and her husband Tony organized a beautiful Day of Prayer in honor of the Lady of All Nations in Manila which was attended by bishops and cardinals. Here we can see Tony during the offertory bringing a picture of the Lady of All Nations. She recently wrote us:
“Some time ago we made a list of the parishes in Manila and those of the outlying areas and made note of the feasts of their patron saints. (Just in the city districts Makati and Pasig where they live, there are 115 parishes.) Since it is customary for many people to come to Mass on the parish feast, it is our plan to give the prayer cards to everyone personally with the simple explanation: ‘Our Lady is asking us to pray this prayer every day’.”
Of course this can only be done if the parish priests agree.

“Use your modern means”

Emiliano, a young father from Rimini, Italy, uses also more modern means to help him distribute the prayer and image. Using the internet, he shows the importance of the prayer from Amsterdam and sends thousands of prayer cards to those who are interested. About a month ago we mistakenly sent him 2,000 prayer cards instead of 1,000. Four days after receiving them, Emiliano Paoletti wrote us that it was certainly Divine Providence since in that short time he had already given out 1,300!

The prayer card for Palm Sunday and Mother’s Day in Chile

Fr. Cornelio Fouchier is a Dutch missionary who has been working for almost 50 years in Chile. Last April he had a very original idea; he wrote the following to us after Easter: “This year we attached the prayer cards to the palm branches on Palm Sunday, and then gave them out individually to all the children of the parish so that they would end up in every family.
In addition, the Legion of Mary in Chile decided to have the prayer cards printed and distributed.”

In another parish they gave out a prayer card of the Mother of all mothers, the Mother of all Nations, to all of the mothers on Mother’s Day. The four or five hundred mothers were delighted.
The zealous missionary only comes back home to Holland for vacation once every five years. Next year he is due to visit, and if possible, he would like to arrange it that he can come to the Day of Prayer of the Lady of All Nations.

The wish of having children is fulfilled

More families than you think suffer from not being able to have children. However, precisely the prayer for a child is one that the Lady of All Nations has repeatedly heard. Ursula Yanguez-Feiss, from Switzerland, and her husband Eduardo, from Panama, are witnesses to this.

Thankfulness for Max Uriel

gt09_zeugnisse_maxUrsula wrote us the following at the shrine in Amsterdam in the beginning of May: “We are very thankful to Our Lady for our Max Uriel. For about five years we have tried to have children and even began medical tests, but nothing helped. As almost a last hope, we made a pilgrimage at Easter 2007, to Amsterdam and shortly after our return our son made his presence known. … Max is a real sunshine! Sometimes it seems to me that he makes everyone that he meets happy. He tries with all his might to make eye contact with people and laughs until they smile back at him. … We wish you and all those present a good Day of Prayer and we thank the Lady of All Nations for interceding for us before the Lord.”

A happy child comes into the world

On May 9, a young man came up to me before Mass with a candle in his hand and said to me, “I want to give this to the Mother of All Nations because she heard my prayer.” After Holy Mass we spoke again with Peter Sledecek from the Czech Republic and he joyfully told us the reason for his long pilgrimage. I asked him to write his story down and send it to us with some pictures so that others might share in his joy. He writes:
“As my wife Helena was expecting our third child, we went in the third month of pregnancy for the usual doctor’s appointment. We were assuming that everything was fine as it had been with our other two sons Jacob and Thomas. However, a week later we received a letter informing us that it was very likely that our child had Down syndrome.

gt09_zeugnisse_matous“The doctors advised us to have further tests done or have an abortion. Since we knew that we would keep the child whether he had Down syndrome or not, we decided not to do any further testing.
“For two days I had difficulties accepting the fact that our baby might have Down syndrome and by the third sleepless night, while all the others were asleep, I made a spontaneous promise to Our Lady: ‘Mary, you know how much I love you; you know that my children belong to you. Please accept this child too, and if it is possible make him healthy. I promise you, if it is healthy, I will make a pilgrimage to Amsterdam and light a candle there in your honor.’
“From then on I started praying the prayer of the Mother of All Nations every day and continue till this day. I also asked my friends to pray for my child. On January 2 of this year, I gave birth to Matous, a healthy baby. Not only is he healthy but also especially good, sleeping through the night and always smiling.”

A roadside chapel to the Lady of All Nations

More and more chapels are being built in honor of the Lady of All Nations. One example is close to Regensburg, the hometown of Sr. Judith from our community, who just returned from a city mission there. She made her solemn profession to become a sister last year on September 20th with four other novices. Cardinal Meisner presided over the ceremony in Gratzen, Czech Republic.
Let us allow her tell us what happened.

“It all started when I asked my two brothers at home if they would pray the prayer of the Lady of All Nations every day to help me prepare for my solemn profession. They agreed and my brother Joseph even thought of asking some others to pray with them.
“At the time, they had just cut down a pine tree on our farm—one that we used to love climbing. My brother had the idea of setting up the image on a path with a little roof above it as is common to do in our area with crucifixes or religious pictures. He set about the project with the help of many friends. My mom’s friend who teaches technical drawing made the sketches. My brothers planed the tree trunk and brought it to another friend at a sawmill who was willing to cut it into boards. A solid foundation was laid by a friend who does tile work which he then decorated with mosaic stones. A third friend, a plumber, made a copper roof over the Marian image to protect it from the rain. Each one of them gladly volunteered his or her time for the Marian monument, and they all rejoiced when it was finished.

gt09_zeugnisse_bildstock“They gave me the wayside shrine as a gift for my solemn profession and I was so happy with it! The image and the prayer of the Lady of All Nations are there for all to see and she makes sure that everyone gets to know her as the Lady of All Nations.
“In the meantime, our pastor officially dedicated the wayside shrine in that silent forest clearing and many have already passed by. In the middle of May, a procession led by our pastor, stopped there and prayed for all priests and vocations. They concluded the prayer vigil with the prayer of the Lady of All Nations.
“My mom, who takes care of the shrine, told me that she has even seen many footprints early in the morning after a snowfall. I know that two men from the parish always take a short break there to pray the prayer and then continue on their way. Since then, I added a little box and wrote ‘Prayer cards. Please take one.’ You can tell that people are taking them. An older lady from the parish, for example, was so pleased that her neighbor brought her a prayer card after taking a walk. I am so thankful for this beautiful and special gift that has been a gift for many others too. I am sure that many people whom we haven’t even seen have found consolation, strength and the peace promised by the Lady of All Nations.” 

“She was really looking at me!” – A call to work in Panama


Four days ago, on May 27, 2009, eight people from Panama showed up unexpectedly in the shrine of the Lady of All Nations. It was the last stop on their European pilgrimage before heading back home. One of them, Marlene Moreno De Tovar, whom you see here in the picture, the third from the left with the beige poncho, told us:
“We started our pilgrimage in Guadalupe, Mexico and finished at the Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam. Actually, that’s not the way we planned it in the beginning, but the only flight that we could get from Mexico to Rome and back to Panama went through Amsterdam. In Guadalupe as I was praying before the image, I looked at the half closed eyes of Our Lady and I said to her: ‘Please look at me.’ And this evening, while I was praying before the image here, she was really looking at me. I felt called by her gaze and when I heard the messages I understood that I should work on getting the prayer card printed in Panama and I want to get at it as soon as possible.”

An enthusiastic guardian of a pilgrim image

Mrs. Anni Broekhoven from Stein in southern Holland has been accompanying a pilgrim image of the Lady of All Nations for over a year and a half. She does it with heart and soul.
In these last 16 months she has brought the Lady into more than 60 homes!

“Bring and picking-up the pilgrim image is always a special feast for me. The graces are so tangible when I’m driving there that I really rejoice when the time comes to bring the image to the next house. As I’m driving there in the car I’ll pray, sing and speak very personally to Our Lady and I always pray for the people to whom I am bringing the image.
“Once I’ve arrived at the host family we look in the living room for the nicest place to put the image and after having decorated it with flowers and candles we pray the Rosary together. I gladly remind the host: ‘Don’t forget, you’re taking care of your Mother. Be polite to her, pray together with your family and speak with her; entrust your problems and worries to her and you will feel how she gives you tranquility and peace.”

The children returned home unexpectedly

Mrs. Broekhoven continued: “A widow to whom I brought the pilgrim image suffered very much because three of her five children had had no contact with her for several years because she did not take sides in their fights. Precisely during the days when the pilgrim image was at her house two of the three showed up unexpectedly. She was overjoyed!”

The American paratrooper in World War II

The next example shows so beautifully how Our Lady also takes care of the seemingly unimportant things. For years, a woman in Margraten, Holland has voluntarily cared for the grave of an American soldier in World War II cemetery.

“She wanted to know more about this young American soldier but only knew his name: Roy Kirkpatrick. Was he married and did he have children? Where was he from? And so on. Once in a while she tried to find out more, but to no avail. So I encouraged her: ‘Talk to the Lady of All Nations about it, who knows?’ And sure enough, while the pilgrim image was at her house she got a call from the Dutch Military Institute. A lady had called the Institute after recently finding out that the graves of the casualties of war were still cared for by locals. She was wondering if there was someone taking care of the grave of none other than Roy Kirkpatrick. That was no coincidence for the lady hosting the pilgrim image. Not only did she get a picture of the 20-year-old parachuter, Roy, from Barrington, Washington, but she even got the address of his family. She was able to send the family pictures from his grave, but most of all she thanked the Lady of All Nations for this obvious ‘coincidence’.”

“There are many other stories, even though most are small, simple graces, joys and answers to prayers. Something that I always think of: People feel the presence of Our Lady whenever she comes somewhere. Above all, they feel the love and the peace in this hectic time and that they can pray and rest with their Mother.”

Thirty-five pilgrim images for host families in Amsterdam parishes

Sylvia Hetharion has had a pilgrim image for a year. She is a catechist in Blessed Trinity, the English speaking parish in Amsterdam, with parishioners from over 40 different nations. The pilgrim image has been in families from Burundi, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Ghana, Ireland, Indonesia, Jamaica, Cameroon, and Nigeria. Sylvia often hears how host families almost do not what to give it back. Some families have been so happy with the image of the Lady of All Nations that they asked to have two copies for their house. Sylvia has already taken 35 poster-size images of the Lady of All Nations for host families.
One such image is hanging in the side chapel of Blessed Trinity. The faithful regularly light votive candles there and entrust her with their intentions.

A catechism class in the Netherlands cares for a pilgrim image

Last fall, on October 22, 2008, more than 25 eight and nine-year-olds from a fishing town named Volendam made a pilgrimage to the Lady of All Nations with Father Nars Beemster. It was more than just a fun trip and Holy Mass, because, as Fr. Beemster desired, a framed picture of the Lady of All Nations returned with them to Volendam.

“Every month,” Fr. Beemster told us, “we draw lots in the catechism class to choose which child will be allowed to take the pilgrim image for the coming month. There is always a great shout for joy by the lucky one that is chosen. I then bring the pilgrim image personally to each family and return to pick it up. It would not be so easy if I were to bring a picture or a statue of Jesus, but, interestingly, people are always open to Mary even when they are not really practicing their Faith. Behind the Lady of All Nations, the cross is visible, so Our Lady always comes with Jesus into each house. Before saying goodbye to the family, I make a small sign of the cross on the foreheads of each of the children and take the opportunity to also personally bless the parents.”

Reconciliation through the Mother of All Nations

Nadine Girimana originally comes from Africa, after having to flee from Burundi. For about half a year she has been a guardian for a pilgrim image of the Lady of All Nations, mainly to African families living in the Netherlands.
In the beginning, she kept the Mother of All Nations for nine days in her own family. Together with her husband, she prayed a novena to the Mother of All Nations in a special intention. Her husband was in fact having an argument with someone. Together, they asked the Lady of All Nations, the Mother of Reconciliation, for her fervent intercession. On the ninth day of the novena, Nadine encouraged her husband: “Desiré, take the first step and call him!” But he could not overcome himself to do it.
It was late when Mr. Girimana finally gathered his courage and, without his wife knowing it, called and apologized. Something he never expected happened: the other man apologized too! His reacquired friend even took the pilgrim image of the Lady of All Nations for ten days into his own home.

“I’ll need to discuss that with my wife!”

In connection with the organization for the Day of Prayer in Cologne, Mrs. Rutte, a woman living on the North Sea, told us in early May:
“Guess what? Yesterday a man was here to repair the roof. He saw the prayer card lying on the table in the entryway and asked, ‘May I take one?’ ‘Of course!’ I replied, and showed him the large pilgrim image in the living room. ‘If you want, you can also take the pilgrim image of the Lady of All Nations home with you for a week,’ I suggested. ‘You’re asking a bit much. I’ll need to discuss that with my wife,’ the young man replied. But today he returned and left with the pilgrim image and a big smile!”

Venezuela needs the Mother of All Nations

Miguel Vierma, a seminarian from Venezuela, wrote an email to us last August that he would like to spread devotion to the Lady of All Nations in his country. It took three months for the image to get from Europe to Venezuela. In anticipation of the image, Miguel had already had several Masses said. He wrote:
“We will receive our Mother Mary with the greatest love, because our country—threatened by communist dictatorship—needs the presence of Mary more than ever ... we trust that our Mother will fulfill her promise of saving the world also here.”

A special procession in Colombia


Our next story comes to us from Estrella, Columbia, where for some years now a festival in honor of the Lady of All Nations is celebrated on May 31. Orlando wrote us about May 31, 2008:

“It was a wonderful day. There were just a few of us at the start of the procession with the ‘Madre de todos los Pueblos’ the Lady of All Nations. But then we were joined by a group of students from the Police Academy and a school class, and the procession just kept getting longer. At the end, the Police Academy welcomed the Lady of All Nations and honored her with a Holy Mass. Then, the Mother of All Nations was received with great delight in the neighboring parishes.”

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