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Ida and the Messages

“You are the instrument. The Lady is taking care of everything.”

During her childhood and youth Ida prepares for her very special vocation. Just as with all prophets, this simple, forty-year-old office-worker is suddenly and unexpectedly entrusted with a serious responsibility. Within a fifteen-year period, ending on May 31, 1959, she receives fifty-six messages from Our Lady. Subsequently, continuing into the 1980’s, the Lord grants her what are called “Eucharistic Experiences.”

In contrast to many other apparition sites, in Amsterdam everything remains hidden in silence. “In all tranquility I came,” said the Lady on May 31, 1958. The main part of the messages is given to Ida at her home. Her sister Truus (Gertrude), a schoolteacher, writes down word-for-word all of the Lady’s statements as Ida repeats them. This is possible because she speaks slowly and makes long pauses before showing the visionary a new image or giving a new thought. When it seems necessary, Ida completes the experience through personal commentaries.

Especially in the first years, the messages are very coded, apocalyptic, and symbolic. Similar to the great prophets of the Old Testament, the visionary of Amsterdam belongs to the theologically untrained, to simple people. She often does not quite understand what she sees. Words like ‘Paraclete,’ ‘meteor,’ and ‘Ruach’ are completely unknown to her. She also has great difficulty putting into words what she sees in visions of unknown events.
But Our Lady consoles Ida, “Tell your spiritual director that the Lord always chooses the weak for His exalted plans. He can be at ease.” (April 4, 1954). “Once again I say: the Son always looks for the little, the simple for His cause.” (April 15, 1951). Mary lets her child understand, “You have a great task to accomplish” (June 15, 1952).
Ida is only an instrument, as Our Lady likes to call her. Yet she says, “By means of this instrument in a small country which is on a downward slope, the Lady of All Nations will give her motherly admonitions and consolations” (May 31, 1954).

Source: Ida Peerdeman – The Visionary of Amsterdam
Biography by Fr. Paul Maria Sigl, 2005

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