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Day of Prayer in Düsseldorf, September 2, 2017


Testimony of
Msgr. Jan Sobiło,
Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of
Kharkiv-Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Unfortunately I am unable to come to Dusseldorf for the Day of Prayer in Honor of the Lady of All Nations, who I love so much. Spiritually, however, I will be with you and I send you the text of my testimony. Please allow me to repeat to you now with all my heart that which I recently said in May at the Day of Prayer in Slovakia.

Every time I drive into the war zone, I speak frequently with the soldiers in the Ukrainian army. I also drive over to the opposing side where the separatists are to be found.

The soldiers tell me that they do not understand this war. According to human judgement it is illogical. Just five years ago no one could have imagined that such a thing would take place. But the evil one prepared this war. Therefore, even the simplest soldiers, who have never gone to church, say that only God can stop this war now.

We live in a time of great change, which brings with it enormous dangers for the Church and all of humanity.

Terrible things are taking place across the entire globe. In individual places the Third World War is taking place before our eyes. There is confusion on the international stage and the political and financial situation is strained around the world. These are only little signs of the great struggle which is taking place on the spiritual front. Frontal attacks are being waged against everything connected with God and with the true Church, in which is to be found Peter. The holy Church and all her children are under a dangerous bombardment on behalf of those who, knowingly or not, are serving the opponents of God.

In Eastern Ukraine the war continues. Soldiers and civilians die. Many nameless fallen soldiers lay buried near my episcopal seat in Zaporizhia. They will not return anymore to their families, even though their mothers, wives, and children are awaiting their return. Many people were forced to leave their apartments and homes and move away from their homeland. Many of them remain without medicinal aid and without the most important necessities of life. This problem cannot be resolved politically or financially.

Therefore there is hope only in God the Father, who, through Mary, sends us all graces. The Mother of God is our mother. She is the mom of the Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants and all, even the atheists. The Atheists unfortunately do not know her love and the Protestants do not really understand just how important Mary is.

I rejoice to be a witness again and again to the conversion of many Protestants, and I am happy that through their conversion they give such a beautiful witness to the great intercessory power and mediation of our heavenly mother.

As the Advocate, she prays not just for the Russian populace, but rather also for the Germans, the Ukrainians and Poles, for the Slovaks and Czechs, and bears no ill will to those of her children who do not understand her. She requests the salvation of each soul and wants that we help her in this. Therefore, in this time of war, each one of us must be a soldier of Our Lady. She is the biblical Woman, and together with her, humanity will be victorious in this war for the salvation of all the world.

The triumph, the victory of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary will also be the victory of her children and soldiers. We, her soldiers, will rejoice in the victory which will open the door to a new reality for us. St. John Paul II wrote about this, saying, “A new spring for the Church approaches.”

Thanks to these Days of Prayer, I bring the prayer cards of the Mother of All Nations to the front lines. The soldiers on the front lines of both sides have this prayer card. The cards are in Russian and Ukrainian.
I am pleased that the soldiers on one side, just as those on the other, feel that God is our hope and that God will grant us peace through Mary if we ask HIM for it.

I want to congratulate all of you who have come to the Day of Prayer in Dusseldorf. If there were a device on a satellite in space that could measure the beauty and power of prayer, then I believe we would see from space that the Mitsubishi Hall, the place of your prayer, would be seen like a radiant star which cast its light not just over Dusseldorf and Germany, and not just over Europe and the globe, but across the entire cosmos which has been wounded by our sins. The power of your prayer heals and strengthens our hearts here in Eastern Ukraine and gives the soldiers, who on both sides of the front pray the prayer of the Lady of All Nations, new hope.

May the Triune God bless you all through the heart and the hands of our Mother and Queen, the Most Pure, Most Holy and Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

Your brother and humble devotee of the Lady of All Nations,

Bishop Jan Sobilo.