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Biologische WaffenThe following excerpt from the December 26, 1947 message makes reference to the pressing danger for America and Europe of terrorist attacks with chemical and biological weapons. The visionary Ida Peerdeman told:

“I see America and Europe lying side by side. After this I see written: ‘Economic warfare, Boycotting, Currency crises, Disasters’. … Then I see a very peculiar scene. I have to look at the sky, and something seems to be launched into it. There is something flying past me so rapidly that I can hardly see it. It is shaped like a cigar or a torpedo, and its color is like that of aluminum.

“All of a sudden I see something shooting off from the back. I feel about with my hand, and different terrible sensations come over me. At first a total numbness. I live and yet I do not live. Then I see horrible images of people before me. I see faces, wide faces, covered with dreadful ulcers, something like leprosy. Then I feel terrible deadly diseases: cholera, leprosy––everything those people have to suffer.
“Then that is gone again, and I see tiny little black things floating about me. I try to feel what it is, but that is not possible. It seems to be very fine matter. With my eyes I cannot discern what it is. It is as if I would have to look through something, and below I now see brilliant white fields. Upon those fields I see those little black things, but enlarged, and it is as if they are alive. I don’t know how to describe this properly. I ask the Lady, ‘Are these bacilli?’ She answers very seriously, ‘It is hellish.’
Then I feel my face and my whole body swelling. It feels like my face gets very bloated, and everything is stiff and swollen. I cannot move. I hear the Lady say, ‘And that is what they are inventing,’ and then very softly, ‘the Russians, but the others as well.’ After this the Lady says emphatically, ‘Peoples, be warned!’

This message, given already in 1947, is more relevant today than ever.

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