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Ida in Her Family Circle

It is understandable that the Peerdeman family grows even closer together during the turbulent years of the apparitions. The extraordinary events sur-rounding the visionary of Amsterdam do not, of course, remain completely hidden, particularly since two apparitions take place openly in St. Thomas Church. The ecclesiastical authority’s reaction to the unusual events is very reserved; they do not want there to be any publicity at all. This is exactly as Ida would have it, who completely disapproves of any sensation surrounding her own person. She sees herself merely as an instrument, just as the Lady told her. She is so matter-of-fact, even, that she strongly repels a visitor who in amazement and awe strokes her on the arm. Later the two speak about it and become friends.

Ida’s great supports are her spiritual director and her close family. When she suffers and cries, the others suffer and cry too. Yet, their family still has many nice times too. Since all are very musically talented, they often sing and play. At Christmas they even have little concerts. Ida plays the violin well, paints a little, and embroiders.

Throughout all the supernatural experiences, she stays natural. Through and through Ida is and remains a woman. She loves modern clothing, has an eye for everything that is beautiful, and, though modestly, likes to wear jewelry.

With those dear to her, she can enthusiastically recall the happy vacations in the Tirolian Dolomites, in Bavaria, or in Switzerland. In her generosity, Ida loves to surprise others with carefully chosen little gifts. She would never forget to send a beautiful postcard to her niece or nephew, even if she would be away for only one or two nights.

Exteriorly, her simple, modest life is hardly distinguishable from that of her three older sisters.

Family photo of the five Peerdeman children

Front row (l to r): Truus Peerdeman, Ida Peerdeman, Jo Groothues Heidkamp-Peerdeman and Fr. Spauwen, S.J.

Back row (l to r): Next to Cas Kerstholt, a family friend, are standing Gé Peerdeman, Lies Kerstholt, Afra Peerdeman-Bos and her husband Pieter Peerdeman, the only brother, with their two children Jan and Helene van der Heijden-Peerdeman

Ida Peerdeman was a member of the “Militia of Jesus Christ.” The Militia was originally a knight’s order for the protection of Dominican monasteries and convents. After 1870 it developed into an independent Marian lay organization for the defense of the Catholic faith. 

Once Ida had a vision of St. Dominic who indicated to her the gate of a convent of Sens (France), saying, “Here shall you enter.”

On October 13, 1968, she becomes a member of the movement and receives the “Militia Cape.”

On May 31, 1969, during the solemn ceremony of her first oath at Paris’ King’s Church of St. Germain l’Auxerrois, she is asked by the Grand Master, Brother Emmanuel Houdart de la Motte, to pray the prayer of the Lady of All Nations before the numerous feast day gathering.

Paris, May 31, 1969 

On February 25, 1950, Aunt Ida
writes the following prayer in the poetry album of her niece Helene van der Heijden-Peerdeman:

O Lord,
Teach me to fold my hands,
whether in joy or pain.
Teach me to believe and to trust
and to be patient for a lifetime.
Teach my soul always to know
What You , O God, desire of me.
Teach me to forget my own will, in order
to silently fulfil what you teach me.

“On August 13, 1921, my sixteenth birthday, I received this prayer from Fr. Teppema, O.P. I pray it every day.”
Ida Peerdeman


“And you, child, in your womb I lay
all the people of the whole world.
Look at me and simply trust.”
April 1, 1951

Source: Ida Peerdeman – The Visionary of Amsterdam
Biography by Fr. Paul Maria Sigl, 2005

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