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5th International Day of Prayer, Amsterdam 2003

Greeting from New Zealand

This greeting is from New Zealand in the name of the Marian faithful and coworkers for the Lady of All Nations from around the world, who were unable to come to Amsterdam this Pentecost and yet who felt the great need to express their unity.

Mother, the islands, Far East, Australia and Oceania are waiting for you!

Wellington, New Zealand, April 29, 2003

I came to live in New Zealand 21 years ago and live close to Wellington, the capital of this country. I am 52 years of age. I was born in The Netherlands and lived for 6 years close to Amsterdam, yet it was only seven years ago that I first came to know about the Lady of All Nations via some international Catholic magazines. At that time it was difficult to find more information. I did not fully understand the meaning of the events in Amsterdam; however, a lady in my parish, to whom I had given the prayer, said the prayer every day.

Last year, a priest of our parish visited the Netherlands. While he was there, a lady introduced him to the events in Amsterdam. She took him to the chapel on Diepenbrookstraat. Father came back to New Zealand with quite some information about the Lady of All Nations. He gave the information to me, as he knew that I have always been interested in the apparitions of Our Lady in our world today.

When I watched the video, everything changed. I felt, “This is it!” It explained everything so clearly: The outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which is also mentioned in other apparitions, will come about through the prayer. I felt like it was the last piece in the puzzle.

I loved reading the books about the Eucharistic Experiences and the Messages. It touched me greatly. Also… I now have contact addresses and know how to find the website for further information, which is very helpful.

I could not keep this for myself. I had to share it with others, which I did. The response was so positive, that it resulted in people being keen to help me spread the Message. We have set up a system that reaches the people here in New Zealand. We have been able to send material to many places and lots of prayer cards have been given out. Also contact was made with the office in Amsterdam.
In doing all this, we experience what Our Lady has promised, “I will help you”; “The spreading of the prayer will go as if by itself.” We see Our Lady’s hand in this all, because it was she who had prepared the coming of the message from Amsterdam to the people of New Zealand. It is a message of hope. Our Lady wants us to pray her prayer to make this hope come true.

Today on the Feast of Pentecost, June 8th, we are coming together here in Wellington and join our prayers with you, and with all people in other places of the world who are coming together on this International Day of Prayer in Amsterdam.
As we celebrate today the descent of the Holy Spirit over the Apostles, let us all pray together with Mary, asking God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit over all the Nations, so that all people may open their hearts and we will experience peace in our time.
May God Bless you all.

Tineke Timmermans