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5th International Day of Prayer, Amsterdam 2003

conference by
fR. Paul Maria Sigl
Spiritual head of the community “Family of Mary”

Do We Really Need the Lady of All Nations?

Painful and Joyful Events

Your Eminence the Highly Esteemed Cardinal, Valued Bishops, Dear Brothers and Sisters!
Already three years have passed between the last International Day of Prayer and today. That would be reason enough that we come together again from all continents to flock around this graceful image. Even more so since in these last three years, meaningful events have taken place—painful and joyful.

On September 11, fanatic militant Muslims brought about the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York through a double airplane attack. That was the beginning of a worldwide war on terror that, despite the revenge attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq, has still not come to a halt. It is totally the opposite!

On the other hand, it was an especially joyful event for those who love the Lady of All Nations, when the authenticity of the apparitions and messages of Amsterdam received ecclesiastical approval by the local ordinary, Bishop Jozef Marianus Punt. That is really the nicest reason why we simply must meet here again before her graceful image—in the name of all people and praying for all people.

Impressed by the Simplicity and Depth of the Messages

This letter of recognition brought joy not only to us but also to His Eminence Alfons Maria Cardinal Stickler in Rome. Already six years ago, at the First International Day of Prayer, he expressed his personal conviction that he considered the messages of Amsterdam a great gift. He stated it verbally: “In reading the Messages from Amsterdam … I was impressed … from the beginning on by the simplicity and depth. The Church should subject them to a serious examination in light of the events which have taken place in the Church and the world in the last 50 years—an unimaginable crisis in faith and morals, in politics and the economy. When the Lady of All Nations came to Amsterdam in 1945, nobody could have imagined to what extent these prophecies would be realized.” This is what the Austrian Cardinal in Rome said.

Proofs of Authenticity

The realizations of the prophecies which the Cardinal spoke about were, actually, proofs of authenticity. So had Our Lady predicted, “The signs are in my words.” (April 4, 1954) which means, “When the events which I have predicted take place, then you will recognize that it was really the Lady of All Nations who came to Amsterdam.” God did, in fact, give numerous and convincing proofs of authenticity like there have never been in the history of Marian apparitions. Let us think only about the prediction of the Second Vatican Council 11 years before it took place, at a time when nobody even remotely considered it! Or consider the prediction of the exact time of Pope Pius XII’s death. Only God can know something like that! These proofs of authenticity were shocking and touched deeply the then Bishop of Haarlem Amsterdam, Monsignor Huiber, and spiritual director of the visionary, Dominican Fr. Frehe.

The Origin of Akita is Amsterdam

Akita, the largest Marian pilgrimage site in Japan, has a very unique and outstanding value as a proof of authenticity for Amsterdam. The wooden Marian statue there is an exact replica of the Lady of All Nations. The messages had such dramatic content that Cardinal Ratzinger compared them to those of Fatima. For this reason, Bishop Ito of Niigata-Akita confirmed the supernatural authenticity of the messages of the Lady of All Nations in Japan and visited their origin, namely, the chapel of the Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam to celebrate the Holy Mass here.

Rescue from the Three Greatest Threats of Our Time

Through reading the Messages of Amsterdam, it became clear to Bishop Ito that the Lady of All Nations came to lead us in this apocalyptic end time from a no way out situation to new, spirit-filled time; and, therefore, we need her urgently.
Are we also convinced that we really need Mary under this new title ‘Mother of All Nations’? Are not Guadalupe, Rue du Bac and La Salette, Lourdes and Fatima, Bourraing and Banneaux enough? No, it is not enough for God, because He wants to give us all.
Yes, we really need her as the ‘Mother of All Nations’ since through this title and through her prayer, she will save us from the three great threats of our time: degeneration, disaster, and war—better said, from a great world catastrophe. She came precisely for this reason, because she wanted back then and wants still today to preserve us from a mass apostasy. This vacuum of faith is like an open door for Satan to invade the hearts of man and entice him to moral degeneration. And this moral degeneration—the Lady of All Nations says—is the inner cause of disaster and war.

The Dramatic Situation of the Church

That we really need the Lady of All Nations was confirmed to me a short time ago by a letter from a young priest and friend from the Diocese of Mainz, Germany, “The Church in Germany needs the help of Mary as the Lady of All Nations like never before. We need the New Pentecost she promised because the situation in the Church, especially in Germany, can no longer be turned around without a supernatural work of grace from the Holy Spirit. A recent survey showed that only a fraction of the Catholics in Germany are holding to the guidelines given by the Pope.
“In Germany there is a visible division between the Church faithful to Rome and a democratic quicksand Church. Each week, many faithful have to take a long car ride into account in order to participate at least on Sunday in a Holy Mass which corresponds to the liturgical rules.
“Every grace that we receive passes through the hands of Mary. Priests, Catechists, and the faithful, however, who push for veneration of Mary in the parish community are often exposed to unspeakable defamation and retaliation.
“The most painful thing is the silence of the bishops who want what is true and good, but through the anticlerical media machine are brought to silence. They neither stand by the priests who remain faithful to the Pope nor protect the faithful from the barrage of anticlerical associations.” So wrote our priestly brother from the Diocese of Mainz.

This Pertains to ALL Nations

Did the Lady of All Nations not precisely predict this relevant, dramatic situation already 50 years ago? “‘Child, I am bringing you a message for Germany again. It must be saved.’ Then the Lady takes me above Germany. As I see Germany lying there I feel the situation there: a terrible decline of the country, the people, and the youth––and a great apostasy.” (December 3, 1949)

And when the visionary sees also the youth from the Netherlands, young people and children standing before a downward slope, the Lady confirms, “The Netherlands are approaching the downward slope too.” (December 12, 1949)

We do not want to overlook, dear friends, that the coming of Our Mother to Amsterdam pertains not only to the salvation of the Netherlands, Germany, or Europe! It is not about saving the Church of Rome or all of Christianity. Amsterdam is about the salvation of the whole world, it pertains to all nations, because apostasy has worldwide effects of moral degeneration, disaster and war.

The Time of the Lady of All Nations – A Pressing Time

We are living in an apocalyptic end time and we are in the middle of a giant battle which reminds us of the Book of Genesis and the LADY who will crush the head of the snake.
Because the apparitions of the Lady of All Nations and her message, despite the ecclesiastical approval, are not yet taken seriously enough, are laughed at and even attacked, I ask you to allow me for a few minutes to give a small insight into the terrible torments that millions of youth are exposed to worldwide. How right the Lady of All Nations was in her messages and how much we need her now, in this time. She herself says about the power of Satan, “How badly this has penetrated, no one knows. I am warning the peoples of this world” (December 31, 1951). “It is a battle for life and death” (March 25, 1972). This one-minute clip is from a hard rock concert like ones that take place more and more in most of the big cities all over the world.
I saw with my own eyes on the television at the airport in Zurich how a rock concert was held before the Gothic cathedral of a city here in Europe. Thousands of youth were singing, “I lost my religion!” I asked the television station for a copy of the video, but they denied me.
A flood of pornography, violence and horror films have brought perversion and cruelty to people’s hearts.

A Single Drop of Grace is Infinitely Powerful

In this context, I really want to say something very important to you about Harry Potter, because his books and videos are consumed without thinking twice by millions of children and youth worldwide and the majority of parents have not begun to comprehend what is going on.
In these books and films fortune telling, drug use, black magic, and death curses are brought into daily life. They even pronounce a death curse word for word so that the children and youth can learn and memorize it. I will spare you from the shocking facts of this Satanic gruesome fantasy world. May your prayer and trust in God’s grace make it possible for you to protect your children from this horror world of Harry Potter! And believe that a single drop of grace from God’s fullness of blessing is incomparably more powerful than all evil.

It Pertains to the Salvation of the World

Do you understand now, dear friends, why we really need the Lady of All Nations? It pertains to the salvation of the whole world. All nations should be freed from the grip of Satan through their heavenly mother. How true are the words of Our Lady, “Satan is still the prince of this world. He hangs onto what he can. Therefore the Lady of All Nations must come now in this time. She is the Immaculate Conception and therefore the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate. She will be victorious…” (August 15, 1976). “She will triumph” (August 15, 1977).
It pertains, therefore, to the final victory because the apocalyptic Lady will crush the head of Satan now—that is now and forever.

A Paradisiacal Image

And it is exactly this that we see here on her graceful Amsterdam image. The snake is no longer visible on the globe because the Lady of All Nations, together with us her children, has defeated evil through the power of God’s love. In this sense the graceful image from Amsterdam is a paradisiacal image.
It is the image of a new time of perfect peace that will live in the hearts of all people. That should actually fill us with great confidence and joy when we look at this image and pray before it. Satan knows that he only has a little time left. Because of this, his fight has become more resentful toward the Lady and all those who work for her.

Apocalyptic Battle

“The Lady had to bring her prayer now over this satanic world. For the Holy Spirit is still to come over the peoples. Understand this message well. Pray my prayer then, peoples, that the Holy Spirit shall really and truly come” (April 4, 1954). With this last phrase, Our Lady folded her hands to show people how they have to pray. The Lady of All Nations said, “You do not know how great and how important this prayer is before God” (May 31, 1955).
Our Lady wants to preserve us therefore from disaster and war. Disasters like starvation which threatens millions each year. Did you know that 30,000 children starve to death each day?

She wants to preserve us from every type of catastrophe, like the huge flood only 10 months ago where some people from one moment to the next lost everything they had and were barely able to save their lives. She not only wants to preserve us from catastrophes but also from war. War can only be prevented through prayer and conversion, not simply by demonstrations!
Remember how in March, three months ago, millions were taking to the street to protest against the war—in Hong Kong and London, in Jakarta and Berlin, in Hiroshima and Rio de Janeiro, in Washington and Rome.
As though they had lost their minds, hundreds of naked women in Australia formed a heart with the words written inside “No War!”
If these millions of people would have prayed with the same conviction that they protested they would have—I dare to say—obtained exactly what they wanted, namely the obstruction of the war. At the same time, many prayers were made but you see what a power of prayer would be necessary to tame the overwhelming power of evil. It was not even possible for our holy Pope to inhibit the war.

The Only Way Out – Our Personal Conversion

A few days ago, TIME published an issue with the title “Why the war on terror will NEVER end!” It is easy to understand because suicide bombers consider themselves to be “martyrs” in a “Holy War” against all injustice and oppression on the part of the powerful; there are thousands of these specially trained assassins, girls as well!
How seriously the US Ministry of Defense considers the threat from Al Qaieda is shown by the fact that their attack warning scale has reached high levels several times.

And another thing, the Lady of All Nations revealed already in 1947 the danger of a bacteriological attack so that such a catastrophe might be avoided. The visionary experienced in this terrifying vision on her own body the disastrous effects of such an attack. Everyone can read about it themselves in the messages. How serious it is today, therefore, to show also recent magazine articles where the experts warn about terror with biological weapons.

The only way out is our conversion and our prayer.
Let us learn from the biblical example of Daniel in the lions’ den. What did he do when his life was in danger? He prayed! And God made known His strength in the one who trusted in Him. Let us imitate Daniel by praying to God with trust in Him alone and in His and our mother whom He sent because we really need her.

She even said, “The bride was not sent to the earth for nothing. Bring her to the nations. Understand well that also the Lord had need of His mother to come to life. Life comes through the mother. Therefore she must be brought back in your churches and among your nations, and you will witness the blossoming!” (March 25, 1973) because “a Church and a nation without a mother is like a body without a soul” (March 31, 1965).

The Action – a “Worldwide Proof of Authenticity”

A week would not be long enough to recount all the motherly blessings which have been brought into the world by so many through the Action with the prayer and the image of the Lady of All Nations.
Please allow me, for the joy of us all, to take a short look back; you might know some, but many of the more than 70 nations present you might not yet! Our Lady promised that she would spread her image and prayer among the peoples like thick falling snow. And this is taking place in an ever-growing way. We already heard about Japan.

The Action has already taken on such world encompassing dimensions that no power can hold it back anymore. It will become much more among all nations an irrefutable “worldwide proof of authenticity”. Our Lady said about this Action, “Go with great ardor and zeal about this work of redemption and peace, and you will behold the miracle” (April 1, 1951).
Don Bosco was also shown this miracle and this victory in a vision. In it he saw how the Pope secured the ship of the Church between the two columns of the Holy Eucharist and Mary. Thus we are in Amsterdam again.

Amsterdam – an Eucharistic, Marian, and Pentecostal City

Through the Eucharistic Miracle of 1345 and the coming of the Lady of All Nations, Amsterdam is in a unique way both a Eucharistic city and a Marian city. Besides that, Amsterdam is also a Pentecostal city because here Mary promised that through the last and greatest Marian dogma—Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate—a New Pentecost would be given to the Church. It can only be said of one other city that it is Eucharistic, Marian and Pentecostal—Jerusalem. What a privilege for Amsterdam! You see how much we really need the Lady of All Nations so that all parents, can bear their children in a happy future.