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4th International Day of Prayer, Amsterdam 2000

Testimony by
Fatmir Veliu

“My experiences with the Lady of All Nations”

Thank you that I may share with you my experiences with the Lady of All Nations. It was in 1997. Then I went with some acquaintances to the first International Day of Prayer. When I saw the image of the Lady of All Nations, the many bishops, priests and others, participating in the Eucharistic celebrations, I felt in my heart: “This is really true.”

At home I started to distribute prayer cards in my surroundings and at work. But many didn’t want to accept the prayer card. I went to a church and prayed: “Mother, they don’t want to have it. See to it that they want to receive it.” After I had left the church, something unbelievable happened: many people suddenly accepted the prayer card and were grateful for it. My prayer was really heard. Since then I have been distributing with joy thousands of prayer cards in many cities. Especially young people are happy to take one.

Thus a young catholic Vietnamese with the German nationality was very pleased when I gave him the prayer card. When we met each other after some time, he told me that the image and prayer of the Lady of All Nations had touched him so deeply that it had been the decisive factor for him to become a priest. In October last year, he entered the seminary for priests at Paderborn.

I can only tell a few of the beautiful experiences I had, but I just hope that they’ll encourage you to distribute the prayer card without fear. “Just do it. Take the first step. You’ll will be successful and it will give you joy.” Many people long for love and security, and God, the Holy Spirit, grants them to us through the prayer of the Lady of All Nations which I as an Albanian by origin of course would like to distribute in my own country as well. It gives me great joy that I may say the prayer in my mother tongue, in the Albanian language, here in your midst before the image of the Lady of All Nations.

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