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4th International Day of Prayer, Amsterdam 2000

Testimony by
Wessen Maruwge, Sweden

If each one of us tries to think about the events in our lives, after a while we will all find a time or a moment where Our Lady has spoken directly to us, even if we are not always aware of it. I will now begin my testimony with one of these moments, which has meant a lot for my family, especially for my mother.

You have heard that I am originally from Iraq. There we used to live in a room in a very big house until we moved into another house. The room had one window that was placed near the ground and it pointed out to a very big car- parking place. At this time, there was a war going on between my country and Iran, and my father was therefore in the army. My mother took care of us children (all four of us) on her own, with the support of our relatives of course. She feared for our lives each night because she was very scared in her loneliness. She cried herself into sleep each night because of the worry she felt for us children. “What would she do if someone broke himself into our room through the window? What would she do if something happened to us in the middle of the night?” Were only two of the questions she always had in her mind.

One night when my mother went to sleep she started to pray as usually. Suddenly a very bright light, just like candlelight as my mother describes it, appeared to her in front of the window and eventually she could see that it was our Holy Mother. She had brought with her one simple message, she said to my mother: “Do not be afraid, no one will hurt your children. I am always with you to protect you.” This night Mama Mary came to my mother to bring her peace to the heart and mind and to confirm her role as our Holy Mother, who always is with us. After this encounter my mother was deeply consoled.

Mary, the LADY OF ALL NATIONS, is for my family and me the mother of our saviour.
We love her, because she speaks to all of us in our hearts.
We love her because she is always with all of us, even when we are not aware of her and when we are far away from her.
We love her because she never gives up hope on us.
We love her because she is our heavenly mother who protects us from everything that is bad. We love her because she welcomes our prayers.
We love her because she takes us by our hands and guides us through our lives and she leads us into the path of truth, which leads to our Creator, our heavenly Father and GOD.

The reason to why I share the prayer card with the image is because it is my duty to do what I am told to do. An other reason is: since I have been praying this simple prayer I have felt that I am closer to our MOTHER OF ALL NATIONS and her son Jesus, and especially the Holy Spirit.
This has only brought joy and happiness to me. And for this reason I want to spread the prayer card so that other people too can have this joy and happiness within themselves. I have for a very long time had many unanswered questions concerning the Catholic Church and religion, and through this simple prayer I have received answers to many of them.

In the beginning I only gave the image of our LADY OF ALL NATIONS to those I knew would not say “no” to it. I did not have enough courage to do it in another way and I did not know what to say either. What would I do if this person in question would not accept this image? I had for a very long time tried to think of a way to do it on until the day when it finally happened.

It was the 25th of November 1999, that’s seven month ago now, when I was in the library with my friend and we were preparing ourselves for an examination later that afternoon. I became tired and started to read in the book “Erster Internationaler Gebetstag DER FRAU ALLER VÖLKER, Amsterdam, 31 Mai 1997” instead. It suddenly came to me when I was reading in the book.
I remembered P. Paul’s words when he, during his mission in Sweden, told us what Mary has said in Amsterdam: “Do not be afraid, I will help you”. These words, which also were in the book, had a larger effect on me than the others did. It felt as if the words were said to me and that they gave me strength to do what I had to do. And I also thought that this was what I at least could do to show God how thankful I am for having everything I need and for this world He has given to us.

It took me a few minutes to understand that this was the right time to give my friend the prayer card. I also felt that both of us would pass our examination with good results if I gave it to him. Then I finally did it and it was not as hard as I had imagined. It felt as if someone was watching me, and that one, was giving me strength to do what I had to do. I was filled with inexpressible joy the following days, because I had done something of great importance for the Lady of All Nations, and I believed that the joy I felt was the award I received for my act. And yes, we did pass our examination with good results.

Today I have more courage to spread the prayer card. And I must say that the reaction is much better than I expected. So far, there has only been one who has said no to it. The reason was that I could not convince this person in question of that it was meant to be spread to every one and not only to Christians.
I do not only give the prayer card by hands, but also by mail, phone call and when I am abroad. Then I try to explain the meaning of the image and the prayer of our LADY OF ALL NATIONS. I also tell my friends that “I am only doing what I am told to do”. We are in my family also trying to spread the prayer card in my home country Iraq.

I think the best time to spread the prayer card is when one is abroad. I have tried it once and the answer I received was: “Can I have more of these to give them to my friends?”

Again I want to say that this simple prayer brings me joy and happiness and for this reason I want everyone to have it.

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