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4th International Day of Prayer, Amsterdam 2000

Contribution of
His Excellency Joseph Kingsley Swampillai
Bishop of Trincomalee Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

I consider it a great privilege and gift of God to be able to travel from a small country in south Asia called Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, in order to participate in this 4th International Day of  Prayer at Amsterdam. This is truly a manifestation of our faith in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of whole human race, through the Advocacy of the Lady, Mother of All Nations.

It is also my fervent believe Her promises and concerns to bring about peace and unity in  the world filled with evils of modernism, war and disaster, have clear relevance to my own country which is going through a period of war and violence and the consequent evils of poverty, destitution, hatred etc. for the past twenty years.

In Sri Lanka, the on-going war is sometimes described as terrorism, or war of Liberation of the minorities or ethnic armed conflict etc. Out of a population of 18 million, 74% belong to the majority Sinhals Budhist community; while the rest are Tamil speaking: out of whom 7% are Christians and the rest are Hindus and Muslims.
The Northern and Eastern Provinces actually are involved in the long protracted war for recognition of the right of the minorities which has caused a spiral of violence until the present day. This has resulted in thousand of people losing their lives and properties and living as refugees both inside the country and outside.

Being in the Eastern Province, my Diocese is also caught up in this unfortunate war. Hence my anxiety urges me to pray to the Lady of All Nations to hasten the process of peace and unity in Sri Lanka. It was with this intention I had to get the prayer translated into Tamil and Sinhals languages through competent priests of my Diocese and entrust the printing to Mr. Pieter Van der Veen and Michael Van Soelen who got 75000 copies in Sinhala and 25000 in Tamil. These are being actively promoted by the members of the Legion of Mary.

Further, our country has strong tradition to our Lady. Having received the Faith through the missionaries from Portugal about 500 years ago, Sri Lanka yet holds our Lady as the patroness of our country.

Hence the messages which our Lady pronounced to a simple woman from 1945-1959, in Amsterdam are quite timely and prove to be another privileged moment chosen by God to usher in a new era of peace and love; of unity among all Nations (generations) and peoples; of bringing an end to the wars and disasters. A new pentecost with an outpouring of the Spirit to those who have recourse to her as Mediatrix and Advocate.

Finally, I have reason to state that Amsterdam is providentially chosen to be the city of all Nations to host the Lady of All Nations in the new Millennium, quite correctly called by the Holy Father as the Millennium of Mary.

of His Excellency Bishop Kingsley Swampillai

of Trincomalee Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

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