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4th International Day of Prayer, Amsterdam 2000

Contribution of
His Excellency Henrisoesanta
Bishop of Tanjungkarang from Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

With great pleasure and gratitude I have come as a pilgrim to the Netherlands for the International Day of Prayer in honor of the Mother and Lady of All Nations, to express my thanks here before her image for the gift of the Christian Faith in Indonesia.

The Christians in my diocese live in the Diaspora because they live surrounded by Hindus, Buddhists and especially amidst Islamic fundamentalists. This leads again and again to enormous conflicts.

When I heard for the first time of the Lady of All Nations, I immediately liked this beautiful title. Therefore I informed myself more closely about the Mother of all Nations and what happened at Amsterdam. I came to the conclusion that the devotion under this beautiful title is especially suitable on my island Sumatra. Why?
Even Islamic fundamentalists honor Mary as Miriam. They love her, she is one of them. In the prayer of Amsterdam and in her Messages the Lady of All Nations clearly shows that she who once was the simple girl Miriam, is now the Lady and Advocate of All Nations and as their Mother wants to unite in this era all children of all nations, through the Spirit of Love.

I have translated the prayer into the Indonesian Language myself. I would like to have this prayer also printed in our native tongue and to spread it in my diocese as well among Christians as among our Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu brothers and sisters. I hope that Mary will become more and more known and beloved under this new title and that this communal love for her as the Lady and Mother will unite Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus into true brotherhood.

There are two important Marian pilgrimage places in my diocese. On of them is also regularly frequented by Moslems pilgrims who come there to ask Miriam for her help. I intend to dedicate this Marian shrine to the Lady of All Nations, as soon as the love for the Mother of All Nations has taken root in their hearts.

Please, help me through you prayers to realize everything, according to God’s will.

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