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3rd International Day of Prayer, Amsterdam 1999

Contribution of
P. Joseph Gnayalloor, India
from the siromalankara Catholic Church

The Messengers of the Lady of All Nations

Messolans is a short form for Messengers of the Lady of All Nations. Messers Pieter van der Veen and Michael van Solen, who spoke just before me, were instrumental in establishing the Messolans at Trivandrum, India, the first of its kind in the world, on 1st January 1997. On that day a large size picture of the Lady of All Nations was blessed and installed at the St. Mary Queen of Peace Church. This church is situated in the very heart of Trivandrum, the capital of the Union State of Kerala, near a Hindu Temple and a Muslim mosque.
His Grace Mar Baselios, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Malankara Arch Diocese of Trivandrum, to whom the church belongs, had given all the encouragement and blessings for the installation of the picture. It may be recalled that His Grace participated in the Second International Prayer Day here last year.
A number of priests including Fr. Samuel Kattukallil, the Parish Priest of the church, Fr. Zacharias Varickamakkal O.C.D. the Natural Sp. Dir. of Messolans, many sisters and laymen took part in the opening ceremony. Incidentally, I am rather proud to say that I was instrumental in constructing this beautiful church when I was the Parish Priest of this Parish.

The Prayer Touches All Hearts

As though fulfilling the prediction of the Lady of All Nations, within a short spell, the prayer caught fire and spread through Kerala and Tamil Nadu among all believers, irrespective of caste, creed, or religion. The circular dated 18th February 1998 of H.E. Dr. Soosa Pakiam, Bishop of the populous Latin Diocese of Trivandrum, who is present here, praising the prayer and encouraging his priests and faithful to recite it daily, gave a boost to its popular acceptance. Indeed the PRAYER has touched very many other Bishops of India as is evidenced by the presence of a number of them here.

Modus Operandi

The committee of Messolans, consisting of eminent priests, nuns and laymen, decided at its first meeting that the Rosary, the full Rosary, should be the vehicle for spreading the prayer and the picture of the Lady. With this in view we are promoting assemblies of devotees gathered around the picture of the Lady of All Nations. Their prayer groups are called Cenacles. A ‘Local Messenger’ leads the prayer. After each decade of the Rosary the Lady’s prayer is also said. More than two hundred CENACLES have been formed in churches, homes, hospitals, colleges, hostels and educational institutions. About 125 Cenacles have been started by a Hindu, who has been evangelized, among orthodox Christians and other non-Catholics.

... And you will see the miracle!

Among the many cures and miracles which took place in the above-mentioned prayer groups of non-Catholics, the prominent ones reported are:
-- At Eramathur, near Mavelikara, a Bible scholar’s mother, who had been lying paralyzed for eight years, walked without support.
-- At Kalamassery a 19-year-old deaf received the ability to hear.
-- At Niranam a young mother named Reny used to lose her children because she gave birth at the sixth month of pregnancy. After saying the Lady’s prayer daily she is pregnant and is out of danger. Due to this wonderful happening, 19 followers of the Pentecostal church have embraced Catholicism.
-- At Chennithala the hole in one of the valves of the heart of an eight-year-old has been closed.
-- At Kottayam four children above seven years received the gift to preach the gospel.


We are receiving numerous testimonies that the prayer is an effective instrument for many a soul to find solace and relief from sickness, reducing internal and external tensions and to obtain material benefits. On account of the repeated recitation of the prayer, the Lady touched not only the faithful, but also people of other religions.

Personal Witness

To me the Lady of All Nations, as revealed to Ida Peerdeman, of happy memory, has been a very great source of inspiration, blessings, and she has enabled me to work with more zeal and pray with more dedication. Ever since I have come into contact with the Lady of All Nations, I have intensified the recitation of my Rosary as well as my mission and apostolate among the poor and the downtrodden. I am building a church very near Trivandrum city to be dedicated to the Lady of All Nations, and I hope and pray that this will be a Center of Pilgrimage and other Prayer Day activities. I am very thankful to H.E. Bishop Punt, Fr. Paul Maria Sigl, and others who are encouraging and helping me to realize this ambition.

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