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Lady of All Nations'

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2nd International Day of Prayer, Amsterdam 1998

Contribution of
Archbishop Cyril Mar Baselios, of Trivandrum
and head of the Malankara Church in India
Their church united with the Church of Rome in 1930.

Mary is also our Mother

In God’s eternal plan for the redemption of mankind, Mary was the focal point of human history. In her God and man met in Jesus Christ. It was in Jesus Christ that humanity was assumed by the Son of God to have it redeemed. It was in Jesus Christ that God reconciled man to Himself to make man worthy of sharing His divine life. This was possible only through Jesus Christ, who was formed in the womb of Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, our redemption and reconciliation with God, was, by the grace of cooperation, constituted in Mary. Yes, Mary is vitally involved in our redemption worked out by the Son through the Spirit according to the economy of salvation designed by the loving Father.

It is no wonder, therefore, she is acclaimed as the Mother of the Church and of the whole people of God for all generations. How fitting, therefore, is the title Mother and Lady of All Nations with which we honor Mary today. May Our Lady accompany her people in their pursuit of holiness on their pilgrimage to the Heavenly Jerusalem.

The two sisters, Mejas (17 years old) and Melz (15 years old), expressed above all the fundamental attitude of humility before God with their graceful dance. This South Indian dance, called "Bharata Natyam" is a praise to the almighty God and asks for deliverance from our sins.

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